Deptford Cinema , London – Sunday, December 10, 2017 7:00 PM

Following its premiere at the ICA, we’re pleased to announce the 2nd UK screening of Comunismo Futuro (2017), a vertiginous journey through and out of the contemporary chaos
looking back at the Soviet Revolution.

A hundred years after the Revolution our present appears as a panicking acceleration disabling critical reflexion, political decision, rational government. Chaos is the visual and psychic dimension in which the global mind is located.

The movie Comunismo futuro is a vertiginous journey through the Twentieth Century, whose trajectory is retraced twice. First it is recounted in retrospect from the point of view of the Russian Revolution of 1917, then it’s sketched from the point of view of the spiral of folly in which the Twenty-first Century is diving headfirst.

The storyteller is Franco Berardi aka Bifo, who in his youth experienced the happy vertigo of the year ’68, then plunged into punk and cyberpunk dysto-pian nightmares.

Drawing from the Russian Archives and from the Italian Archives of the Workers movement, Istituto luce-Cinecittà and from multiple sources of the con-temporary media-activism, Andrea Gropplero, in collaboration with Paolo Marzoni, has composed a chaos-movie, a dynamic recombinant visual object.
The image of the Century pulverised in the media art kaleidoscope is re-composed here through a fluid cut up of visual fragments charged with high emotional content.

Gropplero, a producer and director who recently took part in the occupation of Teatro Valle in Rome, opens a surprising window of possibility: after the failu-re of the first Century, communism is coming back, because it is the only way out from the hell, the only recomposition of social solidarity and global peace after the trumping age of chaos.

In order to recount the tragedy of the past Century, and in order to throw so-me light over the incumbent darkness, Gropplero has used a daring expe-dient: the storyteller is an idiot, a character a psychically disturbed visionary, an obsessional paranoid indeed, acted by Franco Berardi also known as Bifo.

Comunismo futuro marks the search for a possible line of escape: a way that is simultaneously paradoxical and reasonable. And also is a highly emo-tional visual adventure.

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